Monday, July 27, 2009


I definitely look forward to the weekends here. And this past weekend was our last one :(. Some friends and I traveled to Salamanca on Friday and came back early Sunday morning.

I didn't really know what was in Salamanca, but I heard it was a beautiful city so I really wanted to go. Emily's host mom called her sister and nephew who live in Salamanca to let them know we would be coming. We stayed in a residence hall at the University of Salamanca to save money and then Ninez's nephew Luisme and his brother-in-law Cesar showed us around the whole weekend.

On Friday night we went to 5 different bars/discotecas! We started at around 11:30 and stayed out until 5:30 in the morning. I have no idea how they can do that every weekend. We were so exhausted! But it was so much fun. All of the bars there are catered to Americans because there are so many students from the U.S. who study abroad at the University of Salamanca. So most of the music was from the United States (but it's about a half year behind so all of the songs are kind of old). The bars all had different themes so it was really cool. The first one had a Camelot/castle theme and another one we went to (my favorite) looked like a theater on the inside.

Saturday we woke up around noon and left to tour the city. We went to Plaza Mayor and walked around to see all of the Cathedrals and parks. It was so cool because since it was a Saturday in the summer we saw a ton of brides and weddings taking place. I saw about 9 brides and we got to see a few exits of the bride and groom. They do the same thing we do here, throwing rice or beans and shooting confetti. All of the cathedrals are gorgeous it's no wonder there are so many weddings there.

That night we went to Luisme's apartment right outside of Salamanca (a town called Castellano Mariscos) to have dinner. Cesar's wife and their friend Laura made us a delicious Spanish dinner of tortillas, chorizo y jamón, some seafood, and salads. We sat outside on the patio that overlooked the countryside. The view was amazing because the sun had just set so the sky was very orange. We were so lucky to have such great hosts for the weekend.

We left Sunday at 3:00 in the morning and got home around 9:00. I took a nap because we didn't get much sleep on the bus ride because it was freezing cold! After my nap I ate lunch and headed out to the beach. I could definitely get used to living here and going to the beach every Sunday, or everyday after work/school. There are so many beaches to choose from!

There are only 3 school days left, and the third day is just for final exams. I can't believe how fast this trip flew by! I can't believe this Friday I'm going to be in Paris. I can't wait!

¡Hasta luego!

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