Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home :)

I made it home safely! YAY! The 7 hour plane ride from Paris to Newark went by surprisingly fast. They fed us some delicious food, including a salad with REAL dressing! Lana and I were so excited! We only had 2 hours in between our landing and take off in Newark so we were really nervous about making it on time. Everything worked out great though and we had extra time to spare! The plane we took to Grand Rapids was SOOOO tiny! It was definitely the scariest plane I've been on because you could feel every bump.

I'm so glad to be home! I can't wait to see everyone and catch up on what has happened over the past month. Although I'm happy to be home, I'm going to miss Spain so much. Having the opportunity to study abroad there has made me fall in love with Spanish. I think it is the best language in the world! I just love how it sounds and I love being able to speak it and understand it.

This experience has been awesome and I only have four words to say about it: Time. Of. My. Life!