Monday, July 6, 2009

¡Mucho Mejor!

Since my last post I have been having so much fun here! I've finally adjusted to the culture here and the meal times. People here are much more relaxed and take their time with everything. It's definitely something I appreciate. Family seems to be really important too. I walked around my neighborhood yesterday with my host mom and her friends and saw lots of families with little children playing in the parks or eating at tapas bars.

Last week Friday afternoon we were welcomed by a blues/jazz concert performed by a women acapela group from Yale University. They were amazing! I loved it so much! Grandma Jolman and Mom would have enjoyed it too! I'm going to try and find their website so we can order a CD later.

After that we went to the Guggenheim museum. Shout out to Uncle Jim-you would love it! There was a ton of abstract and contemporary art to enjoy. Unfortunately we couldn't take any pictures so I only have a few of the outside. But everything was really cool. I think my favorite part of the whole thing is the building itself. It's situated right across from my school so I get to see it everyday.

Later that night we went to a concert at a bar with almost everyone from our program. It was so awesome! The first band was Midnight Road and they were so good! They don't have a CD or record label yet, but hopefully they will soon and I can get their CD too.

On Saturday we didn't really do much but we went out to dinner at an "American" restaurant. The portions were GINORMOUS! I will post pictures on picassa of the food. It was a great way to celebrate the fourth of July away from home. I spent the day with my host mom on Sunday and we walked around my neighborhood and then later that night we walked her dog Luna around the gorgeous park right across from our apartment.

Right now I'm at school waiting for my class to start at 1:10. Wednesday we are going to Pamplona for the San Fermin festival. I CANNOT wait! I'll probably update again after that.


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